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Just Five Days to Jumpstart Your Success

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Is it possible to achieve the benefits of a 5-day fast while still consuming food? What is a 5-day "fast with food” anyways?

Called the "Fasting Mimicking Diet,” it is one of thee quickest ways to reboot your health and kick start metabolic change. Not only do you shed some excess belly fat, but your brain & body get a tune up as well!

Here are just some of the health benefits people notice:

  • Frees you of food cravings!

  • Resets your taste buds! You’ll reach for less sweets and salty foods after the reset

  • Feel full while eating less without time spent cooking or following complicated recipes

  • Simple, straightforward, and easy to follow as a means to shed some extra body fat

Here are some benefits your doctor would tell you to be excited about:

  • Lowers your A1C (fasting blood sugar), insulin, and cholesterol

  • Stimulates stem cell rejuvenation (aka aids joint repair, organ function, and minimizing the cellular effects of aging)

  • Stimulates autophagy, a cellular process reducing risk of cancer and tumor growth

  • Reduces waist circumference, body fat and improves metabolism to further body fat loss

The "Fasting Mimicking Diet" is a no fail way to kick start a change towards better health!

I just finished my second, “Fasting Mimicking Diet” and I feel lighter, leaner, and headed in the right direction again. My gut is happier and the shoulder injury that had been causing me horrific pain, is finally improving!

For me it had been a summer when I just couldn’t seem to get well. Whether out of comfort or convenience, I had been overindulging on inflammatory foods. To top it off I had been recovering from an inflammatory shoulder injury that had been keeping me from my typical exercise routine and causing a significant amount of pain.

I found myself craving more and more carbs, always wanting a second helping, and I couldn’t help but notice how often I caught myself mindlessly snacking throughout the day. My clothes were feeling tighter and I was increasingly feeling bloated and lethargic.

I knew it was time to make a CLEAN BREAK from the habits that were holding me back.

I have found, there are two things that tend to catapult one towards making change...

1. when you feel so good, you can’t help but want to do more to keep it going


2. when you hit rock bottom, and you feel so crappy that you get sick and tired of feeling sick and tired

I had to come to that rock bottom feeling this summer, and I knew it was time to do something about it.

I knew my body was inflamed by the constant pain in my shoulder. And, I knew that my immune system needed a boost after being flat out sick with fatigue and joint pain from my head to my toes.

I knew using the 5-day, Fasting Mimicking Diet as part of my comeback, would be just the reboot my body needed

I knew in as few as 5 days, the Fasting Mimicking Diet would improve my health by:

  • removing foods that were triggering symptoms of poor digestion

  • supporting my immune system that had been in overdrive and stimulating autophagy for cellular rejuvenation

  • prompting stem cells for much needed repair and recovery

  • not to mention, the bonus of shedding a few pounds that I had unwittingly accumulated

Maybe you’ve heard of the benefits of fasting but cannot imagine bring able to manage to go without food. I sure did…

But what amazes me each time I do the 5 day, Fasting Mimicking Diet is how full I feel while consuming so little. Everything you need to eat and drink is provided and laid out in this well-organized, 5 day kit. It is formulated to provide essential nutrients to keep you feeling full and maintain your metabolism so that you reap the wide range of physiological benefits, that continue well past when you have completed the 5 days of fasting with food.

I’ve never been prone to fad diets, juice fasts, or trendy detox diets that aspire to “purge the body in as little as X number of days” but I have tried many dietary approaches using food as medicine and NOTHING COMPARES TO HOW EASY THIS IS and HOW FAST (pardon the pun) you feel better!

Here are some of the practical benefits…

  • you don’t have to wander the grocery store aisles searching for ingredients to new recipes or, navigate complicated meal plans. Heck you hardly have to cook!

  • you’ll have fewer dishes to clean up

  • you’ll spend less time prepping and preparing meals

  • you’ll find you have more time to relax and enjoy what you love!

  • you’ll become more aware of what is triggering your food choices – such as how often you tend to use food for entertainment, how often snacks have become a means of avoiding work, emotions, stress or boredom

If you are the main chef in your household and worry you won’t be able to resist nibbling on what you’re making for your family, here’s what I did that I found that worked for me.

Prior to starting, I made and froze meals that my family could easily prepare without much help from me. That way I could chose to join them for a meal or eat at separate times. In one case, I planned my day of meals so that I ate prior to a family gathering and took my water bottle full of beautiful hibiscus tea to sip on throughout the meal. I wasn’t hungry and I was surprisingly not tempted nor even interested in the what they were eating! It helped knowing I had another meal packet waiting for me when I got home, should I be hungry for more. But to be honest, I wasn’t starving when I got home.

Now don’t get me wrong when the 5 days come to an end you’ll be eager to enjoy food of your own choosing again. But get this! By the end of the five days you will feel SO GOOD and FREE of your typical food habits that it will FEEL EFFORTLESS to want to adopt a healthier eating pattern.

You probably won’t believe me when I say this but, the food I was craving when I finished the 5 days was roasted broccoli and cauliflower. Seriously! How often do you honestly FEEL COMPELLED to eat the recommended, 7 to 9 servings of veggies in a day?! You will feel so good following this 5 day fast that you will crave healthy food to keep the momentum going!

The Fasting Mimicking Diet is the EASIEST WAY I know of to reset your taste buds and a newfound FREEDOM FROM CRAVING CRAPPY FOODS.

Who do I see benefiting from this 5 day plan*:

  • Busy adults in need of a diet overhaul but don’t have the time or mental energy to make the necessary changes

  • Health warriors who want to improve cellular function and be proactive in maintaining good health and ageing well

  • Those who find restrictive diets a chore and are burnt out, trying but never seeing results

  • Anyone eager to resolve an inflammatory issue and start feeling well again!

I have been recommending this approach to several others in my practice since the product became available last year after 25 years of research conducted by USC's Longevity Institute, and they too have had positive results in rebooting their health!

Are you interested in making a CLEAN BREAK from the habits that are holding you back? Contact me to find out if the ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is right for you?

*The Fasting Mimicking Diet is not suited for everyone, however. Those with type 1 diabetes; those prone to Gout or kidney issues; individuals with a history of an eating disorder, very lean or starting with a low BMI, or outside the recommended age ranges of 18 to 70 should not attempt without medical supervision and advice from a licensed health professional.

Hungry for more?

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of fasting, email to request a complimentary eBook, ‘The Truth About Fasting.’

For those who are interested, you can find more about the fascinating research behind this product, the scientists and clinicians who engineered it, the health benefits, and much more by visiting:

Here’s what others have to say about their experience using the Fasting Mimicking Diet:

I just finished my second series and had my husband do it with me the second time as well! I didn’t do it to lose weight but to cleanse my system. I love this program!!! Not only did I lose 9lbs in total which I never thought I could lose, and my husband lost 7lbs... it has reset our thinking on the quality and quantity of food that our bodies need. We are committing to doing this at least 3 times a year! We are both turning 60 next year and we are at our best weight and health ever! -Cindy W.

I’ve done three FMDs this year (once every 3 mos) after learning about Dr Longo’s research on longevity benefits of fasting and autophagy at several medical conferences last year. Each experience was a little different, but I feel great! -Alan B.

A message from ProLon:

Clean fasting is when you fast with nothing but liquids also known as a water-only fast. We're in a new category of fasting that has been discovered through 25 years of research from Dr. Valter Longo and his team at USC. The main goal of ProLon is to induce a fasting state, which leads to cellular regeneration/rejuvenation, and this process is driven by suppression of the IGF-1, mTOR and PKA pathways. The ratio of macronutrients and micronutrients in ProLon has been demonstrated to induce this effect in both preclinical and clinical studies. Suppression of these pathways triggers autophagy and apoptosis (recycling of old, damaged tissue), and may lead to a significant increase in levels of circulating stem cells that are then available to make new tissue. Here is some additional research for those interested:

I am happy to report my shoulder is well into recovery mode and I am in far less pain thanks to making some much needed changes! A shout out to Dr. Daniel Hanson, Hanson Chiropractic Neurology, Redmond, WA who was also instrumental in my shoulder recovery!


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